Imagery To Life

Still Images Brought To Life

Imagery To Life, a collection of images of nature and life around us that come to life with the magic of technology. This book of images, together with inspiring quotes, is dedicated to those who do not get a chance to experience the beauty of nature, especially health challenged kids. With the downloading of the Roar Augmented Reality App, you can bring the images in the book to life! 

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The Magic of Living Scenes

Experiences To Share

Nature To Healing

Dream Come True

The Wizardry

The Wizardry is that all the images in Imagery To Life come to life, just like the scene above that is the living scene above that in the circle. All to bring out the awe and wonder of nature and life around us. This can be for kid or for the kid in all of us. Think here especially of a health challenged kid who can't easily get out to experience scenes like this. We take the experience to all who see this.


There is a free app for you called Roar, actually Roar, Augmented Reality. Just bring one of the Imagery To Life images into the screen view of the app, press the blue button, and watch the image come to llfe! Go ahead and download the app and take your phone or iPad for a drive through the images on this site and experience the magic!

Timeless Images and Timeless Quotes

Gratitude for our Contributors

I wanted to share some words of gratitude for those who have contributed to this Imagery To Life mission, to make a difference for those that can't get out to experience the healing power of nature, and in particular health challenged kids. In the midst of the current challenges we have all faced with the pandemic and the tremendous challenges impacting so many, these Imagery To Life books are helping.  I am so grateful to those that have been so generous in contributing, especially during these times.

Anonymous contributors *, Bryan McDonald, Carla Bunch, Dan Begin, Don Perry,  EPC, Erik Kelly, Green Earth Charitable Foundation, Jennifer Baley, Jon Polaha, Lindsey Williams, Margie Walsh, Michael LoMonaco, Mike Hong, Perry Mistry, Rotary Club of Livermore Valley, Rotary Club of Woodside and Portola Valley, and Simin Maleksalehi

 * A special note of gratitude for the anonymous contribution to create an uplifting experience for the children at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

And special appreciation to Oksana Sokolovsky and her team of magicians at ROAR Augmented Reality, who have made it possible to continue the Imagery To Life mission with the wizardry of their augmented reality software.

And on a note of appreciation, contribution also take the form of the appreciation from the recipients. I will always have a special place in my heart for the overflowing appreciation I have received from the folks at the Stanford Ronald McDonald House and Children's Hospital of Los Angeles for the difference the books are making for the kids and families there.

Thank you again for making all of this possible,  



Below are reactions from Contributing Sponsors about their feelings about Imagery To LIfe

“This is a magical book that transforms a photograph into an experience of video and sound and transports the reader to another place.

 Through the miracle of technology, pictures come alive in a way that only existed a few years ago in a fantasy world of wizards and magic.”

Don Perry - former Mayor, City of Monte Sereno

“Uplifting to anyone who sees and experiences this wonderful book, and a gift to inspire health challenged kids!”

Margie Walsh

“Children are our future, and in connecting them with the beauty of nature, the beautiful scenes here coming to life will help our own generation be more caring to protect and preserve the healing power of nature and our beautiful green earth for our children now and in the future.”

Charles and Sara Liang - for Green Earth Liang’s Charitable Organization

“Exploring & engaging the world around us creates the narrative of our life story. As we embrace our surroundings we expand our connectedness to self & the source of our existence.  Through Tim’s lens we can explore new horizons finding inspiration & wonder.  As our journey unfolds we weave the fabric of our own personal legacy.”

Erik Kelly - Author, Speaker, Business Consultant, Real Estate Professional

“Children are our future, and this book shines a light on the beauty and wonder of the world around us to inspire our future generation.”

Michael Lo Monaco - Realtor

More Reactions

Below are more reactions to see what is being shared by our Contributing Sponsors

“As we get older we often forget what it is like to view the world through the eyes of child. There are the simple moments of wonder and joy, and all of the first time experiences life has to offer. There is something as simple as being in the forest or on the beach. Tim Blake offers these experiences to children who may be in a hospital or healing at home. There is a simple reminder here to adults, to get down on one knee, and take a moment to view the world from a child’s perspective. And it is a reminder to a child that is going through a health challenge that the beauty life has to offer is all around them, all of the time. And perhaps, most importantly, it is inside of each of us, all of the time. Great job Tim! This is a great gift to offer the world.”


“This wonderful book creates a virtual connection with nature, allowing us all to experience the beauty of nature.  This is a gift, especially for children and adults with health challenges, who are unable to go out and directly experience the beauty of the natural world.  Providing this experience to them certainly aligns with the Rotarian vision of supporting humanitarian efforts in our community.”

Richard Goldstein - Director, for Rotary Club of Livermore Valley 

“Bringing us into the world is God’s job. Bringing the world to sick kids is our job. This book makes our job a lot easier!”

Jon Polaha - member of the Woodside Rotary Club

“Life is beautiful, pictures make beautiful memories, and bring the stories alive. Live, laugh, play & enjoy every moment.”

Ruth & Perry Mistry - Realtors

“This book touches the emotional chord of appreciation for the stunning beauty of the scenes shown here to remind us of the gift of nature, and connects all of us to the wisdom of the ages with the notable quotes contained here for all to reaffirm our connection with all of humanity. This is a brilliant work to put into the young hands of our future.”

Lindsey Williams - Business professional, life coach and author

And One More...

This from my good friend Carla that reflects the sense of wonder in kids when they see this. Thank you Carla!

“Seeing how kids in my jujitsu class light up with their excitement and sense of wonder when they see the images here come to life shows me what a fun and valuable contribution this is for kids and anyone experiencing this.”

Carla Bunch, world class ju-jitzu competitor, trainer and double gold medal winner in 2017 World Ju-Jitsu Championships

Contributing Sponsor Program

Imagery To Life available in Apple Books

This is now the easiest way to see the magic of Imagery To Life in the new Apple Books edition of Imagery To Life. With the wizardry of Apple software, I was able to have the images come to life right inside the Apple book with three touches to the images you see. Click on the link below to take you directly to the Imagery book in the Apple Books store or if needed, manually search for Imagery To LIfe in Apple Books to find the book for download. Enjoy the new fun version!

Imagery To Life in Apple Books

Imagery To Life available in Kindle

Imagery To Life is also available now on Kindle for android devices. You can have this to experience all the content and images of Imagery To Life on this mobile platform to take with you where you go. It is just like the book if you want to see the images come to life by having a second device using the app Roar to hover over the images. Enjoy this if you live in the android world. Click on the bar below to take you directly to the Amazon book site for the Imagery book or if needed, you can manually search for the full title Imagery To Life: Still Images Brought To Life

Imagery To Life in Kindle

Imagery To Life, The Movie

Digital Imagery To Life

Candid reactions to Imagery To Life

Once in awhile, we can capture the moment that someone sees the magic in Imagery To Life bringing a still image to life. Here is Lexy excited to share what she sees, and friend Jon to explain...

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