A collection of images which come to life through the magic of technology, together with inspiring and uplifting quotes.


Mission of Imagery To Life


This book is dedicated to those who do not get a chance to experience the beauty that is out there in nature. This is especially for kids with health challenges who most likely have never been able to see the ocean, let alone hear it, and experience so many other sights and sounds of nature.

Healing Power of Nature


If what is contained here sparks the heart and imagination of better health of one boy or girl, maybe one you know, to be inspired to overcome their current challenge, to experience the healing benefits of being immersed in nature, and to even get out to see some scenes like what follow, then this book will have found its home. New for you is a companion website created for notable quotes, articles and videos on the nature and healing at

Experiences To Share


Imagine a time in the middle of nature, whether at the ocean edge, in the forest, near a mountain stream or lake. What do you see, what scent of nature do you smell, whether the salt air or the trees in the forest? What do you hear, whether the crashing of the waves against the seashore, the birds calling, or the river flowing? Close your eyes for a minute and be there. Now, what feelings come to you? A sense of calm, or wonder, or just having fun with the moment? What is ahead are images to relate to, and get as close to being there as if you were.

about the narrative in imagery to life

Some Timeless Images and Timeless Quotes

Some of the images in Imagery To Life are timeless. That is, some images transcend time in that there are scenes of nature that could have been largely the same thousands of years ago. Like these images, our heritage goes way back in time. There is a quote for each the images that also transcend time, as does our history and wisdom of the ages. The quotes take in thoughts as far and wide in location and philosophy as could be found. So it is all meant to create a journey, both in the images to see of nature and the world around us, and also to take in the thoughts of those who have shined a light on our path ahead, for all of us, young and old, and future generations. 

Enjoy the journey,



A big part you can play in this

Contributing Sponsor Program


Now that Imagery To Life is available to purchase, I can use your help for where it can find a good home. In addition to having a single book for purchase, I have formed a Contributing Sponsor program, where people can purchase a larger quantity at a lesser cost. While I have my own contacts in places where the book can be valuable, my vision is to have the book distributed far and wide, and into as many hands as possible through individual connections in any number of places where there are health challenged kids or any facility where the book could provide an uplifting experience. 

For more details, see Pricing and Contributing Sponsor Guide in the Purchasing tab.


Comments about Imagery To Life

Contributing Sponsor Quotes


“This is a magical book that transforms a photograph into an experience of video and sound and transports the reader to another place.

Through the miracle of technology, pictures come alive in a way that only existed a few years ago in a fantasy world of wizards and magic.”

Don Perry - former Mayor, City of Monte Sereno

“Uplifting to anyone who sees and experiences this wonderful book, and a gift to inspire health challenged kids!”

Margie Walsh

“Children are our future, and in connecting them with the beauty of nature, the beautiful scenes here coming to life will help our own generation be more caring to protect and preserve the healing power of nature and our beautiful green earth for our children now and in the future.

Charles and Sara Liang - for Green Earth Liang’s Charitable Organization

“Exploring & engaging the world around us creates the narrative of our life story. As we embrace our surroundings we expand our connectedness to self & the source of our existence.  Through Tim’s lens we can explore new horizons finding inspiration & wonder.  As our journey unfolds we weave the fabric of our own personal legacy.”

Erik Kelly - Author, Speaker, Business Consultant, Real Estate Professional

“Children are our future, and this book shines a light on the beauty and wonder of the world around us to inspire our future generation.”

Michael Lomonaco - Realtor

“As we get older we often forget what it is like to view the world through the eyes of child. There are the simple moments of wonder and joy, and all of the first time experiences life has to offer. There is something as simple as being in the forest or on the beach. Tim Blake offers these experiences to children who may be in a hospital or healing at home. There is a simple reminder here to adults, to get down on one knee, and take a moment to view the world from a child’s perspective. And it is a reminder to a child that is going through a health challenge that the beauty life has to offer is all around them, all of the time. And perhaps, most importantly, it is inside of each of us, all of the time. Great job Tim! This is a great gift to offer the world.


“This wonderful book creates a virtual connection with nature, allowing us all to experience the beauty of nature.  This is a gift, especially for children and adults with health challenges, who are unable to go out and directly experience the beauty of the natural world.  Providing this experience to them certainly aligns with the Rotarian vision of supporting humanitarian efforts in our community.”

Richard Goldstein - Director, for Rotary Club of Livermore Valley 

“Bringing us into the world is God’s job. Bringing the world to sick kids is our job. This book makes our job a lot easier!”

Jon Polaha - member of the Woodside Rotary Club

“Life is beautiful, pictures make beautiful memories, and bring the stories alive. Live, laugh, play & enjoy every moment.”

Ruth & Perry Mistry - Realtors

“This book touches the emotional chord of appreciation for the stunning beauty of the scenes shown here to remind us of the gift of nature, and connects all of us to the wisdom of the ages with the notable quotes contained here for all to reaffirm our connection with all of humanity. This is a brilliant work to put into the young hands of our future.

Lindsey Williams - Business professional, life coach and author

“Seeing how kids in my jujitsu class light up with their excitement and sense of wonder when they see the images here come to life shows me what a fun and valuable contribution this is for kids and anyone experiencing this.”

Carla Bunch, world class ju-jitzu competitor, trainer and double gold medal winner in 2017 World Ju-Jitsu Championships.


The magic behind the photographs

Bringing the images to life:


 Behind each image is a living scene from the moment these images were taken. 

Now, there is an augmented reality app called Roar that you can download to recognize the images and bring them to life. 

This app is quite simple to use. After inputing an email address, user name and password for yourself, and allowing requested access for camera, select the center double circle icon at the bottom of your app screen, hold your phone to view an entire image in the app screen, then press and hold the blue button for a few seconds until it engages the photo, let go of the blue button, and enjoy the live scene. Thats it! There is a flash option in the app if the light is low. You can even move your device away from the image and it will continue to play the living scene with a thumbnail of the image when away from the photo. The setting stays with that image until you cancel it out to do other viewing. 

Once you have the app live, you can test drive it on the images you see here. 

Other notes about use

The more recent your device and operating system, the better the image recognition, and if a device is more than several generations old, a more recent device may be required. To operate this newer technology, it is a combination of the operating system and processor speed of the device, the quality of the camera, condition of the camera lens, and preferably a light option on the device for low light conditions. As to operating systems for Apple, products capable of and running IOS 12 or newer are required. There are a variety of products operating in the Android world, as well as generations of operating systems to test out. If you are reading this with the idea of purchasing a book, make sure to first test drive the app with your device on the images here.

Headphones for listening are by far the best, especially on the images with 3D, which are recorded with binaural microphones, and you need to experience the sound to fully appreciate. The 3D recordings are made possible by 3Dio microphones, and the recordings give you the sensation of being right where the audio was recorded, and the results are extraordinary.

As this is leading edge technology that is continually evolving, please reference this site for any more guidelines and updates, and thank you for passing this site information on to anyone you have shared the book with so they are also up to date on using the app.


There is a smart device app called HP Reveal (formerly Aurasma) that has been used to have these images come to life. HP recently announced that as of January 10, 2020, they are going to close down their HP Reveal operation.
For HP Reveal users until January 10, 2020, the following can still apply:
Once you download the HP Reveal app from your device app store, you will want to create your own account. As of this printing, Apple devices have only several requests, and one that is important is access to your camera, which you will want to allow, and all else at this printing is an option. The android world has several requirements of access to your phone information in order to set up an account.

Once you set up your account, here are steps to set up, or for previous users, to reset your app:
1. In the HP Reveal app, using the search window, type in: Imagery To Life.
2. At the top of the next window will be a circular image with Imagery To LIfe to the right.
3. Click on that, and on the next page where it says ‘Follow’, click and it will turn to ‘Following’.
4. Once following under Imagery To Life, you may need to close out the app, reopen, and then you should be ready to bring images here to life. Now your phone is ready with the new HP Reveal!
The next screen that comes up or click back to a prior page to appear, that has a dot at the bottom which is for you to press and then small moving dots will appear in the next screen. Hover your device over the center of the images starting higher and slowly drop lower and watch what happens just after a center larger dot appears and begins to pulse. Some images have less to recognize than others, and if a weaker signal or earlier operating system or low light, there is a flash option with the app if you have a light flash to help illuminate the image. Once you use the app to capture an image and play a live scene, the app may ask you if you want to make an ‘aura’, and click ‘skip’.
In case you have any challenge with the app working properly and all else is in place, you may need to check if you are still logged in and following Imagery To Life. In some cases beyond this, if the app is stuck for whatever reason, you can delete the app and reload it, and then restart the follow process for Imagery To Life that can put things back into place for the app. 


Enjoy your travels here for yourself and who you share this with,


And if you  are interested in Imagery To Life images or other images for purchase, see the Galleries section at where these is an online store with framing options.


English with Spanish or French Editions

For those who could benefit by other languages

Knowing that there are many who can have value in connecting with nature and more that is around us whose language may include other than English, two additional editions are going to print now. Those are English with Spanish Edition and English with French Edition. California in particular has many people whose native language is Spanish and it is desired to reach those who may appreciated the translations. And to the north, many Canadians speak French, and this may serve to widen the audience of those who would appreciate the French translation. In each of the editions, the translations are there together with the English, and may be yet another way to connect some with what could be a more familiar version for them. I am also working on additional translations for the future. If there is a request you may have as a particular need for a group of people, please let me know, as more will be planned out in the future as is possible.  

For any books to purchase with translation editions, please make a comment in the Special Instructions box in the Purchase tab.