Imagery To Life, the book

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Access to Digital Member Site

Digital access: $18

Access to this digital Imagery To Life brings you the experience of the book Imagery To Life on a member log in web site. This can be purchased below where it indicates Digital Imagery To Life Access.

Imagery To Life The Movie

Private link on YouTube: $28

Over forty images from Imagery To Life have been compiled together with the inspiring quotes followed by the living scenes for an immersive experience with nature. This is brought to you with a private link on YouTube for viewing.

Imagery To Life, the Book

Retail: $88

Contributing Sponsor Pricing: $50 each of 12 or more books

Contributing Sponsor Levels

Silver Sponsor: 12 to 24 books

Gold Sponsor: 25 to 99 books

Platinum Sponsor: 100 books

Legacy Sponsor: Over 100 books (Contact Tim directly)

Contributing Sponsor Level Details

Contributing Sponsors receive a letter of thanks and recognition and can be highlighted on the Contributing Sponsor page.

Sponsors from Gold and above can be mentioned on the Contributing Sponsors page: 

This book is a gift from …(and if designated) to … and you can include a comment to share your feelings for the book.

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